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Just cars DSC interview

Check out the backwards stuff at 2:45 😀



suprises in the mail

new wheels rocked up today… massive thanks to Jesse Streeter.

steering redesign

got some time to kill atm and been meaning to do some more development of my front steering set up for a while now… my knuckles that i developed for the s14 were the first version that i had and i have learnt so much more about set ups since then so want to take that knowledge that i have gained and apply that to my car. A few customers of mine are rocking my new version 2 knuckles so im a bit behind the ball haha.


stuff ripped out... everything is dirty as hell from various wet sessions and off roading..esp at winton! So much mud at that track haha

its amazing how much of a hammering components get… i bent the hell out of this tie rod after mounting a ripple strip at full angle.. hammered it straight and went back out. everything else is still going strong 😀


A Quiet Saturday – Fitting new GTX up

Got a bit bored this morning so fitted up my new turbo to the car. heres some pics of the install.. enjoy 😀


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Pretty sure i cant wait for this!!!!!


GTX3076R is in my hands!

i picked up my GTX3076 today from the helpful guys down at MTQ… many thanks to MTQ and Sonic Performance for helping out. you gotta see the quality of the compressor wheel to believe it! huge difference when compared to the regular GT version… here’s hoping it has an improvement over the GT. time will tell and a tune/dyno is happening very soon.


open the box.. what do we have here!

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Awesome video

This is one of the better drift video’s ive seen in a long while… well worth the watch!